Rodibel Kiden

Rodibel Kiden is a captain of the Esger, a division of the Angaria devoted to furthering the organization’s goals through martial means.

Like Samur, Rodibel was trained by the Anachorim to obey his superiors unquestioningly, and was placed by Endyne in the Esger in order to turn a collection of street toughs and enforcers into an army. He has been very successful in this role.

The captain was brought to Endyne’s attention after he headed a mission to quell a fledgling resistance in the village of Matmarcus, a fishing village farther up the Maharron river from Inaulia. The village was entirely extinguished with no survivers. Rodibel was awarded commendations for the efficiency and professionalism of the operation.

Samur served under Rodibel briefly before his promotion to the Dragoons, and was greatly impressed by the older officer’s single-mindedness and enthusiasm for his duty.

Rodibel Kiden

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