Scarecrows of Nevermore

The Exciting Finale

The sleepy island awakens with the sounds of battle!

  • Chronus finally awakens and seems pleased with being reunited with his body, despite his clear rustiness with functioning in a physical body. Dr. Mordenheim requests to be taken back to his time, and Chronus obliges, inviting Okabe to join him on the trip in the timestream. Okabe quickly agrees, excited for his first foray into time travel.
  • With Mordenheim returned, it’s time to get back to business. The witch will soon be moving on the town of Choron and the companions need to get there first. They pack up their things and head out into the Wolven Forest where they are soon met by the ghost Danfield.
  • Danfield had previously warned that he would be fighting the adventurers when they next met, but now the shadowy power known as Fyrus is distracted by something else and his power over the undead has waned somewhat. The adventurers believe the bell they had rung in the old church in Choron was likely the distraction, but no one knew anything about how that distraction would play out. For now Danfield was still an ally, which was fortuitous, because the group was soon assaulted by ghouls, dispatched by Fyrus himself to destroy the adventurers and Chronus.
  • After defeating the ghouls, the adventurers returned to Choron to find the small town on edge. Two ships had been spotted off the coast, and they bore the flags of Inaulia. The Angaria would arrive in 30 minutes. Samur was pleased and went to the docks, awaiting their arrival. The others were more reserved.



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