Scarecrows of Nevermore

Chronus Restored!

And time-travel!

  • The shadow creatures resemble a bizarre combination of bats and panthers. Xylia and Romendar believe the beasts originate from the Shadowfell and have taken roost in the old church tower due to an enchantment placed on the church bell that seems to serve as a beacon of sorts for beings of shadow.
  • During the battle the ropes holding the rune-etched bell are severed sending the bell crashing to the ground where it lands with a haunting hollow ring. The bell has sent a signal, but where, and to whom?
  • The heroes discover a secret passage in the church which leads to an unsettling scene. A cult of some kind is holding the witch hunter Leopold Mulkin prisoner and seem ready to sacrifice him to appease the “travelers” — a term referring to Chronus’ kind. As the companions watch on a disagreement breaks out among the cult members. It seems not all are so committed to the cause to commit murder. The brute Garko is eager to dispatch the unbelievers, but is stopped when the cult’s leader, the school teacher Minnow Kinder arrives and says she’ll convince the unfaithful. She then animates what she claims to be the headless skeleton of Chronus and commands it to attack the fearful cult members, which it sets forth to do. The heroes jump in to intercept the attack and find themselves battling the skeleton, Minnow Kinder, Garko and several other cult members.
  • The heroes emerged victorious slaying Minnow, Garko and the skeleton, but sadly Estemar was killed when blasted by a barrage of necrotic energy from the cultists. The heroes took the bones of Chronus and Estemar’s body to a nearby inn to plan next steps.
  • The companions were at odds about what to do next. Okabe was adamant that the group needed to get the bones back to Chronus per the original plan. Samur had long ago formed doubts about the trustworthiness of Okabe and was not about to see the man gain the power of time-travel so he told the group that they would remain in Choron until the Angaria arrived. The other companions weren’t sure at first what they should do but eventually agreed that time was of the essence and Chronus’ help would be needed. Samur relented, but made it clear he would not hesitate to kill any one of them if he felt the need arose.
  • Sure enough, along the way to Chronus, Okabe and Samur got into a heated exchange about what would happen when they met up with the traveler. The two came to blows, and even though Romendar attempted to keep the two from fighting, the two nearly killed each other with Samur coming out on top and Okabe, bloodied and unconcious. A tired and angry Samur told Romendar that if he ever got in his way again, he would kill him. Romendar bristled at the Ranger’s statement, but remained composed.



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