Scarecrows of Nevermore

Session 2 - Heralds of Freedom

A new hope for Nevermore

  • The adventurers stayed the night in the cave of Chronus. Many conversations were held with the telepathic brain. Okabe kindled a relationship with the brain that could prove to one day give him everything he ever wanted.
  • The companions were in disagreement about next steps. Samur was adamant about returning to Choron so that he could get a message to his superiors in Inaulia. Xylia Ameena however argued that the citizens of Nevermore were likely near and in great peril. They needed to be rescued. Okabe agreed with Xylia but Samur said his report was more important. Xylia offered a compromise where she would relay Samur’s report via an animal messenger. Samur was skeptical at first, but Xylia had proven to be quite a powerful druid and in the end he agreed with her plan. With that issue resolved, the party returned to the forest in search of the ghost Danfield, who they hoped would point them in the right direction to save the people of Nevermore.
  • Danfield appears to the heroes and points the way to the witch’s house. The heroes head off and soon find a large hut in a clearing, surrounded by fungus and rotting wood. A lone scarecrow is posted in the clearing and it seems to be watching the area. Okabe deduces that the witch probably uses it for surveillance, looking through the construct’s eyes.
  • The heroes approach the scarecrow and just before it jumps off its post to attack, it signals other creatures from the surrounding forest to join it — larger constructs made of wood called wood woads. A battle is fought and the heroes are victorious, although Estemar is seriously injured. It was time to inspect the witch’s hut, but Okabe begins taking his friend back to Choron to receive medical care.
  • The hut contains various disgusting spell components, a caged feline, and a potion of healing. Samur takes the potion to Okabe, who administers it to Estemar, who revives. Afterwards, Okabe takes the spell components, and determines they are mostly useless. The cat turns out to be one Fergus Routh, a victim of the witch’s polymorph spell. The adventurers also find a mysterious book, supposedly written by the witch. Eventually, Romendar reluctantly makes the logical choice, and gives the book to Okabe.
  • Fergus lets the group know that the people of Nevermore are held captive nearby by a few ogres and a large construct. The group decides to light the witch’s house on fire to cause a distraction. The smoke lures one of the ogres to investigate, which the group surrounds and kills. The other ogre takes a defensive position with the construct by the captives forcing the heroes to bring the fight to them. They do so and are surprised at the power of the construct but are able to defeat it and the ogre and free the prisoners.
  • The group then gathered the captives and began the journey back to Choron, believing it the safest place to deposit them.



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