Salaman Island

Salaman Island sits seven miles off the eastern coast of Okknos. Though large in size, only the southern tip of the island has been settled by humans. These settlements are small, the largest being the port village of Choron.

The island has little of value and because of its distance from the mainland, few travel or wish to live there.

Mainlanders know of the island primarily from the legend of Chronus, a time traveler from another world. He was said to be branded a heretic from the rulers of the time and fled to the island where he was eventually captured and beheaded.

Some visit the island hoping to discover Chronus’ lost secret of time travel.

Other native races to the island include the Wilden of the Varamorr Forest and the Gnomes of Alderhill.

The young but powerful Inaulian Empire has recently expanded their borders devouring many of the nearby realms, including Salaman Island. As the island poses little strategic or economic value, the Empire’s presence is minimal.

Salaman Island

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