PC Summaries

Samur Eiden Garaweth (Human Ranger)

An officer of the Angaria, Samur is stationed on Salaman Island to serve as the Empire’s representative (as well as eyes and ears). For now the island is allowed to govern itself (within reason), but the time is coming when the Empire will take a more formal role. Samur’s reports will help guide their decisions.

Okabe Rintaro (Human Psion)

A brilliant mind, Okabe believes he is destined for greatness. He has traveled to the island to uncover the secrets of time travel. He hopes to harness this power to bring down Inaulia which he believes tracks his every move. Though paranoid and arrogant to the point where few would call him friend, Okabe is determined to realize his full potential and embrace his destiny.

Estemar Rothesay (Human Warlord)

Estemar and Okabe grew up as playmates, both children born to privilege but neither very appreciative. Their friendship once saved their lives and Estemar still finds Okabe immensely amusing though sometimes he may poke a bit too much fun at the psion. When Okabe said he was chasing the secrets of time travel on Salaman Island, he knew he had to be there to join in the fun.

Romendar Estarkan (Wilden Warden)

It is rare for Wilden to leave the Varamorr Forest, but Romendar is one of a few of his kind that recognize a clash with the Inaulian Empire is inevitable. He fears for his people and their homeland, but more than that, he fears the unknown. He has committed himself to learning about the people outside the forest so that he can better prepare the Wilden that call Salaman Island home. Furthermore, he has started to perceive an unnatural presence moving in the land and has been seeking to find the source.

Xylia Ameena Argall (Half-Elf Druid)

Life has never been easy for Xylia/Ameena, but when you have multiple personalities you grow accustomed to hardship. Never comfortable around the elves of her homeland, she cut herself off from society and embraced a life in the wild, the animals her best companions. Salaman Island is perfect for her as there are plenty of wild lands in which to get lost, and few other people to get in the way. Still, she occasionally needs coin for supplies, so she has been known to hire herself out as a guide and tracker. This latest job was different from the start.

Fingolfin (Half-Elf Thief)

Fingolfin may be the only person Xylia/Ameena would consider a friend. They met on Salaman Island and discovered they both shared a similar story of how their uniqueness shaped their lives. Fingolfin was punished and teased in the Elven community for though being a half elf, his human features were dominant. He was made to do more chores than the other children and was given less attention by instructors. For fun he would sneak around watching and following others, learning people’s secrets along the way. He would steal things then put them back, never getting caught. After his mother died he left home, and traveled the land. Eventually he found himself on Salaman Island, making a living off the naive tourists who arrived seeking fame and glory. When Xylia/Ameena had jobs requiring a little extra help, like her current one, she would ask Fin to help out. He didn’t really have anything better to do.

PC Summaries

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