Samur Eiden Garaweth

Human Ranger


An officer of the Angaria, sent to Salaman Island to keep an eye on the outskirts of the Inaulian Empire.


Samur had the bad fortune to be born during the solstice of Ven, believed by many to portend a dismal fate for both the child and his family. He was abandoned on the streets of lower Inaulia, and would have died, had he not been rescued by adherents of the Anachorim, an obscure order of ascetics who raised him as one of their own, giving him the name Eiden.

The Anachorim teaches that the universe is both elegant and simple at its core, and any apparent complexities or adornments—such as commerce, or freedom—are inventions of lesser minds who attempt to subvert this elegance. The only one can elevate oneself above the level of animals is through unquestioning loyalty to authority; and, through meditation, to free ones mind from subversive thought.

With the Anachorim, Samur Eiden learned the value of self-discipline, and of obedience. His days were spent in exercise of mind and body, through meditation and martial instruction; he became renowned throughout his order for his skill with a bow.

It was this renown that brought him to the attention of the Angaria, who had often recruited from the ranks of the Anachorim, valuing their ability to follow orders without question. He quickly rose to officership within the Angaria, and was given the appellation Garaweth, after a loyal companion of Nyrach in the Tradesmen’s War.

Soon after a successful mission involving the tracking and successful apprehension of several convicts fleeing from Inaulia along the Basos, he was reassigned to Salaman Island and instructed to await further orders. A promotion of sorts, perhaps, as this would be the first mission he had embarked upon unaccompanied by a higher ranking officer—or perhaps a way to remove him from the city.

Samur Eiden Garaweth

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