Scarecrows of Nevermore

S.E.G. Log entry #1

Samur files his first report

The Reports of Samur Eiden Garaweth

being a Dragoon of the Angaria, stationed to Salaman Island, on the business of the League of Dragoons, the Trade Council and the Lady Endyne.

A report on the events of the 19th day of Elardan, in the 375th year of Nyrach.

Recent events indicate the presence of some dark power on this island, of which I believe the Principals should be informed. My account of the events follows.

A man came into Choron late yesterday afternoon, bearing much blood and a deep wound. He was incoherent at first, but after gathering his wits gave his name as Armond Ferring, a logger from the village of Nevermore. He claimed that the village had been attacked by scarecrows, presumably magically animated, and the villagers carried off to parts unknown.

I had the man taken to the house of Parson Gale, who practices as close to medicine as can be found in these parts, and embarked to Nevermore with a hired guide named Xylia or Ameena (I am unsure as to which is her surname) and a few others who joined of their own interest. I found the village abandoned, with marks of struggle that confirmed the logger’s testimony.

We encountered and dispatched a small group of creatures similar in appearance to gnomes or halflings opportunistically looting the now empty houses. I do not have any reason to believe they are connected to the disappearance of the villagers, though I have not met their kind before. I will have a likeness drawn up and sent with this letter, and ask that you provide any information you may have on their origin and likely motives.

We did find the remains of what may have been one of the scarecrows. One of my companions, a certain Okabe Rintaro, who appears to be an arcane researcher of some kind, identified a dark thread attached to it as a hair of a Nightmare, a horse-like creature of shadow apparently of some power. I do not know if the creature itself is somehow involved in these events or if the hair was simply used as a reagent in some evil ritual.

We found a man named Leopold Mulkin in one of the houses, who claimed to be a witch hunter, pursuing the one remaining member of a coven that he has largely eliminated. He claims to have left Choron around the same time we did and did not witness the attack. He agreed with Okabe’s evaluation of the hair and claimed he could use it to create some kind of weapon to aid in fighting this witch. I gave him the hair as it seemed worthless to me, and will find out upon my return to Choron whether he spoke truly about this weapon. I recommend further investigation be performed into this witch-hunter’s history and whatever coven he has supposedly vanquished.

I found tracks leading north from the village into the woods, and followed them with my companions. We encountered a ghost of some sort (may I remind the League that my experience until now has been entirely corporeal, and I am unsure as to how such apparitions should be approached—any advice that you could offer would be appreciated), who directed us to follow a certain path that led to a cave guarded by some of the scarecrows that the logger had warned us about. Consistent with his account, upon my approach, the eyes of the scarecrows glowed a dull red, and they attacked us. (Should any other agent of the Angaria encounter these creatures, I warn him to pay heed to their separable heads, which they appear to be able to deploy as grenades of some kind.)

We destroyed the scarecrows and burned the remains lest there be any remnant of whatever magic animated them. Inside the cave, we found a glass vessel containing a coral-like, salmon-colored fungus of some kind. This fungus appeared to house an intellect, as it was able to communicate with us, and claimed to be the sorcerer or charlatan Chronus, magically preserved by some means I fail to comprehend. He spoke of a woman who had learned some apparently powerful rituals from him, then proved to have malevolent ends. This woman may in fact be the witch we seek. The woman’s name is Eisel Yar.

The fungus also told us that the ghost’s name is Danfield, though I was unable to follow his explanation of his connection to the ghost and some denizen of the Shadowfell named Fyrus. I plan to question Danfield concerning this should the opportunity arise.

I shall continue to pursue this witch as a presumed enemy of the Angaria until I am directed otherwise. I also request further guidance in determining a course of action with regards to the fungus that calls itself Chronus and the ritual to restore him to a more suitable frame.



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